Taiwan's giant lake shrinks amid record drought

This giant lake in Taiwan is drying up

Location: Nantou County, Taiwan

The Sun Moon Lake's water levels have dropped during a record drought

which has been described as the island's worst in 56 years

(SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) 22-YEAR-OLD VISITOR, MS. DENG, SAYING: "I didn't think the drought could be that serious. I have seen reports and pictures but I thought they'd only taken pictures of a small corner of the lake. But when I got here my friend told me that previously the water covered the entire area around here, and now it has turned into a huge grass land. Now I realize how serious the drought is."

No typhoons directly hit the island in 2020

meaning there's been much less rain

Taiwan is also experiencing an unusually hot May

with temperatures peaking at 104 degrees Fahrenheit