Taiwanese father pens 19 birthday cards for baby daughter before dying of cancer

Tan Mei Zi
Chu’s husband was diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer when their daughter was just a year old. — Picture from Facebook/bella.chu.39

PETALING JAYA, Oct 10 — Even in the face of death, one Taiwanese man knew that he could still forge a meaningful connection with his young child in the years to follow.

His widow Bella Chu recently recounted on Facebook how he had written 19 birthday cards for their daughter, then only a year old, before passing away in 2006 after battling liver cancer.

“Even though he struggled with the illness in his final month, he wrote down one by one these future blessings for his daughter.

“From 2007 for her second birthday to 2025 when she turns 20.

“She was still too young to understand them then, so I kept them for her until she was older,” she wrote.

Chu who works in Beijing, said she currently lives apart from her daughter, now 14, who resides in a school dormitory.

The post revealed that she has passed the cards over to the teenager now that she is mature enough to grasp what has happened.

“These letters were left and sealed for you, and I never wanted to open them.

“This is from a father who died early, and these messages transcend time and space.”

More than 11,000 people have reacted to the tearjerking post so far, which has been shared 270 times across Facebook.

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