Taiwanese designer turns waste into fashion

This Taiwanese designer turns waste into fashion

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Wang Li-ling scours dumps for old electrical wires and bolts

to add extra flair to her clothes

(SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) TAIWAN FASHION DESIGNER, WANG LI-LING, 36, SAYING:"We thought that if we cut up these old cables which have these thin iron wires inside, we could roll them into a shape that we could use. / These materials are used and had been used for more than 20-30 years. At least more than 10 years. So their color or the mottled feeling they give you is different from new material."

(SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) TAIWANESE LIFESTYLE INFLUENCER ANDREW CHEN, 35, SAYING:“Everyone knows that fashion industry is fast fashion, it is very wasteful. So how do we re-create new things with the old and using creative ideas to present them, I am actually very much in awe today."