Tai Bo wins Best Actor award from the HK Film Directors' Guild

26 Mar – Hong Kong actor Tai Bo is elated to have been recognised as Best Actor by the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who won the said award for his performance in the Ray Yeung movie, "Suk Suk", stated that the film has brought a lot of fortune to him, the first time ever since his 50 years of career.

Said Tai Bo, "The words "Dou Yin" and "Chung Choi" both means "director" in English, which shows that a director is an important role to play. Thank you so much to all the important filmmakers for awarding me Best Actor. I feel so honoured."

"Rabindranath Tagore once said, ' "I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad that I had my flight'. The more I do, the happier I am. Thank you director Ray Yeung and thank you Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild," he added.

The actor previously shared similar award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards with Terrance Lau ("Beyond the Dreams"). He is also nominated in the Best Actor category in the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards.