Tai Bo admits initial doubt to star in "Suk Suk"

21 Feb – Although he is now nominated Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in "Suk Suk", actor Tai Bo recently admitted that he did question his own ability to play the role when the offer came to him last year.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the actor, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that director Ray Yeung had to go to Taiwan to persuade him to accept the role three times after he expressed doubts about it, seeing that it was a story about two men finally opening up about their sexuality in their twilight years.

"It's the kind of role I have never played before, so I struggled. But the director had seen me in "Glamorous Youth" and wanted me in it. It took me three months to think about it after reading the script," he said.

Tai stated that he finally decided to accept the role after discussing it with his wife.

"She said that the script was good, and that I should take it. So I did. I even asked the director how far I have to go, but he assured me that the [homosexual relationship] part of the movie would be very light," he said.

Tai also stated that he and his co-star Ben Yuen also were not familiar with each other before they started filming.

"But I understand the character I play. Human beings may be mortal, but what are in their hearts remains forever. This relationship can't be too passionate and revealing. It is secretive and hidden, something that they want but can't have," he said.

Asked if he is confident in his chance to win seeing that his performance in the movie has already been recognised by the Film Critic Society earlier, Tai sad that he would not think about it.

"I have never made a movie to win awards. If it happens, I will accept it," he added.

Tai will be facing competition from Jackson Yee ("Better Days"), Louis Koo ("A Witness Out of the Blue"), Chu Pak Hong ("My Prince Edward"), and Aaron Kwok ("I'm Livin' It").

(Photo Source: ST Headline)