Taco vendors aggressively arrested in Southern California

Street taco vendors 'Los Primitos' in Pico Rivera, California, were arrested Tuesday night (February 16) as local police detained three women and two men. The filmer, (who wishes to remain anonymous), was waiting to place his order when he noticed two policemen were nearby. Assuming they were also waiting to place an order, the filmer was shocked when he noticed other cops arriving. Allegedly, 25 officers arrived at the scene to arrest the vendors. The filmer told Newsflare: "One man and woman [...] were treated horribly while the woman pleads for help... they savagely threw her on the ground shortly after. These are not criminals they are humble people trying to make an honest living. A fine or warning should have been issued and not the events that transpired." Local police were called to ask for the reason behind the arrest but have not commented. Social media comments on the video say that the man was in violation of a court order to stay off the property and the cops had reminded him the night before.