Tablighi Jamaat member donates plasma in Mumbai, says feeling proud

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 4 (ANI): A Tablighi Jamaat member who was recovered from COVID-19 has donated plasma for treatment of other patients.

Abdur Rehman, a resident of Mumbai was diagnosed with novel coronavirus on March 21 and was treated at the Kasturba Hospital for 18 days after which he was discharged on March 31. He was among the first to donate plasma in Mumbai.

Speaking to ANI, Rehman said that he got a call from Nair hospital for Plasma donation and after discussing with family and friends he got ready to donate it.

"I am the first person who donated plasma in Mumbai hospital. I got a call from Nair Hospital on April 21and I donated plasma on April 24. I discussed about donating it with friends and family. They said don't donate but I thought when Tablighi Jamaat Markaz chief Maulana Saad has told us to help and participate in this process. I made up my mind to donate plasma," Rehman told ANI.

"I thought if Maulana Saad has said it then he must have thought about it and it would be good. Now that I have donated it, I feel it is good for everyone," added Rehman.

He said that first the doctors checked his blood to know if he has any other disease only then they gave him the date for the plasma donation.

"I was picked up by BMC vehicle for the blood test to check whether I am suffering from any other disease or not. After getting a normal report of blood test they gave me date on which I have to donate plasma," he said.

"I am feeling proud after doing this and I wish that whoever gets recovered with my plasma Allah bless them with good life," he added. (ANI)