T-Mobile says hackers stole data on 40 mln people

A big data breach at T-Mobile US. The mobile carrier said Wednesday its probe revealed hackers stole personal data from more than 40 million people.

It said the stolen data included social security numbers, birth dates, names, and driver’s license information. But it said no financial details were compromised.

The victims include nearly 8 million existing T-Mobile wireless customers as well as former and prospective customers.

T-Mobile disclosed the hack on Sunday after media outlet Vice reported that a seller offered private data for sale on an underground forum. The seller was offering data on 30 million people for bitcoins worth $270,000, but later reports suggested that price had plunged to $200. Reuters was unable to check the veracity of the forum’s post.

Digital thieves have been taking advantage of weakened security as people work-from-home. Last week, cryptocurrency platform Poly Network said hackers stole $610 million in digital coins.

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