Syrians fleeing quake take refuge in wedding venue

STORY: Setting up tents within the facility, 21 families initially moved in, but the number doubled following the quake which hit the area on Monday (February 20).

“There were 21 families and, because of the quake yesterday, there are now 42 families, we were 110 people, and there are now 185 people,” Mohamed Abu Fayad, a Syrian man who fled the war from Eastern Ghouta to Idlib province said.

This created a shortage of supplies Abu Fayad added.

The two larger earthquakes that hit Turkey on Feb. 6, which also rocked neighboring Syria, left more than a million homeless and killed far more than the latest official tally of 46,000 people in both countries.

Smaller tremors have jolted the region in the last two weeks but the Monday quake was the largest since Feb. 6.