Syrian tailor turns his van into mobile workshop

This tailor transformed his van into a mobile atelier

Location: Damascus, Syria

65-year-old Jamal al-Masri fled his home in Homs in 2012

leaving his established atelier business behind

But he soon found a way to continue his craft


"I was walking down the street at the Friday Market when I saw a tailor working in his van. So I wondered why I could not do the same because I also have a car and I can work alone. I am talented at this because I have been a tailor for 50 years. I bought a machine and put it in the van. I also bought some threads and equipment. I left Homs with nothing. I bought these items and started working. Now clients consider my prices affordable compared to tailors working at shops."

Al-Masri says working from his van has its benefits


"I cannot work at a shop because I will pay what I earn for rent, taxes, electricity and water. Here I do not have electricity, I have a rechargeable battery that I charge at home and bring back here."

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