A Syrian spends Ramadan in her car for others

STORY: This woman is spending the holy month of Ramadan mostly in her car

Hiba Zein is a student and a volunteer

She's been collecting Iftar meals from charity and delivering them to those in need

HIBA ZEIN, VOLUNTEER: "When you see people who are in need, you should not abandon them especially during Ramadan. People usually crave a variety of food during Ramadan, imagine the situation of those who do not have food? I wish we remember those who are in need and offer them food. Even if your neighbor is in need, you can offer them at least a meal a day."

As fuel and transportation prices increase in Syria

many families living in rural areas can't afford the transport to get to charities

ZEIN: "The main idea of the initiative is to collect meals already cooked at houses and deliver them to people who are in need. Afterwards, people started providing me with different kinds of items, I was not only distributing meals. On the first day of Ramadan, I delivered only three meals. Now on the fifteenth day of Ramadan, I deliver meals to more than thirty families."