The Syrian refugee and his horse who fled the war

This farm is a sanctuary for horses in Idlib

Locator: Idlib, Syria

Hussein Rahmoun and his horse Amira fled his hometown

due to the ongoing conflict in Syria

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SYRIAN REFUGEE, HUSSEIN RAHMOUN, SAYING:"I am a refugee from the town of Tamanaa, in Idlib's southern outskirts, and I came to Idlib and my horse is a refugee with me. It is impossible to give up on my horse. So every day or two I come here to walk and play with her."

The farm was built by stable owner Abu Ibrahim al-Zaim

to provide horses a shelter and vast field for running

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) OWNER OF ZAIM HORSES FARM, ABU IBRAHIM AL-ZAIM, SAYING:"The idea of starting the club came from our love for horses as well as not having any horse farms or clubs in the liberated north. We founded this club -- Zaim equitation club-- to open the gate to revive the sport of our parents and ancestors in the liberated Syrian north."

As security in the area becomes more stable

many locals have learnt how to ride

Some are even encouraged to breed horses

and hold amateur races on the farm