Syrian man fights gender stereotypes through dance

This Syrian dancer is fighting gender stereotypes

Location: Damascus

Mohsen al-Abdallah started dancing as a hobby

The law graduate has now turned pro

embracing an occupation largely seen locally as socially unacceptable for men

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) DANCER, MOHSEN AL-ABDALLAH, SAYING:"I do not want to call it bullying, let me call it hard criticism, their criticism was ugly. I was humiliated by many people. Many people stopped talking to me because I dance, some of them were my childhood friends."

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) DANCE COACH, ADNAN MOHAMAD, SAYING:"People have not accepted men who dance yet, it is still the same image. What has improved is that people, even those who registered in dance initially as a social activity to get to meet people, most of them were not convinced, but they started to like it and understood that it is international and it is very beautiful."

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