Syrian man beats unemployment, becomes online influencer

STORY: This Syrian social media influencer gained more than 30,000 followers in a few months

Location: Damascus, Syria

Anas al-Kateb saw his phone as a tool to make money

after having trouble getting a traditional job

(Anas al-Kateb, Syrian social media influencer)

“I took advantage of my resources to do these videos. As you can see the financial situation is really difficult and young people do not receive that much support. I tried to create my own business that I can enjoy and generate money from.”

The 29-year-old posts about daily life in the war-torn country and markets products

But the video which brought him initial fame is from Dubai

“I discovered a new world and a new country. I was happy while filming and editing it. Whenever people meet me on the street, they had memorized the first sentence of the video: ‘Habibi come to Dubai’ because it was shared the most. Whenever people see me on the streets they call out: ‘Habibi come to Dubai’.”

Despite his growing success, the theatre arts grad says he cannot afford to upgrade his equipment

He's working while Syria's economy is in dire straits