Syrian center educates hearing-impaired children

(SOUNDBITE) (Sign Language) HEARING-IMPAIRED TEACHER, BAYAN DARWISH, SAYING:"I am Bayan Darwish. I teach hearing-impaired children in Kafar Nouran sign language, mathematics, and wool knitting."

Location: Aleppo, Syria

This center is educating children who are hearing-impaired

amid a lack of alternative options for the city's children

Darwish gives free classes for students aged between 5 and 16

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) ENGLISH TEACHER, OMAR ALI DARWISH, SAYING:"Teacher Bayan Darwish has been teaching hearing-impaired students sign language for five years. / We have around 40 children with hearing disabilities in the center, and we have some with movement disabilities who can't physically attend school, they joined the center. We are doing our best to expand the center to include neighboring towns as well as Kafar Nouran.