Syrian cancer patient celebrates her bald look

This Syrian cancer patient has embraced hair loss

with a photo shoot showing off her new look

Location: Damascus, Syria

Rawan Tarabih was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019

and has had four surgeries since

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SYRIAN GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND CANCER PATIENT, RAWAN TARABIH, SAYING:"I was having a shower when a lock of my hair fell. I cried a lot. On the same day, I called the hairstylist who was cutting my hair, gradually. I called him, and told him to wait for me. I couldn't get there until 45 minutes later. When I got there I felt frustrated. I was afraid of this moment and yet here I was. But I am not the person that I was afraid to become. I am still me. On the contrary, I became stronger when I shaved my hair completely. There was not even short, black hair left, and that is when I overcame fear."

After Tarabih shaved her head, she could not afford to buy wigs

She then decided to embrace her new identity and do a photo session

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SYRIAN GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND CANCER PATIENT, RAWAN TARABIH, SAYING:"It is not a disaster to lose your hair. Some people do not accept this, but as far as I am concerned, it transformed my personality. It helped me to see myself as a strong person. Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see someone strong. But I don't see myself either, when I look in the mirror, I miss my old self. I do not recognize myself, but at the same time, I see myself strong and I am happy for that. I love my new character, so for now I will not grow my hair. I don't know what will happen in the future, but for now I don't want to grow it back."

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