Syrian artist uses olive kernels to create 3D paintings

This man creates 3D artworks out of olive kernels

Location: Damascus, Syria

Mazen Shibani collects olive kernels from his house, friends and neighbors

to create landscapes and famous world sites

One single piece can have 94,000 kernels

He says he knows the art doesn’t make enough money for a living

but that he does it anyway for escapism

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SYRIAN ARTIST, MAZEN SHIBANI, SAYING:"There aren't a lot of people who buy my work. I just love this art. I fund these paintings and use money that could have been spent on my children and family. My children tried to work with me and they reached a phase where they complete 60 to 70 percent of a painting. But when they saw that there is no income they asked me to burn the paintings and use them for heating."

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