Sympathies from netizens for tired-looking elderly woman in heavy mascot costume

Facebook post went viral with many commenting about cost of living and mental state of the working class in Malaysia

Elderly Malaysian woman dressed seemingly in Disney's 'Marie' cat mascot costume at KL Bazaar
Elderly Malaysian woman works as seemingly Disney's 'Marie' cat mascot at KL Bazaar (Photos: Roslan Salleh/Facebook)

PHOTOS of an elderly woman dressed seemingly as Disney's "Marie" cat mascot at a Kuala Lumpur night bazaar went viral, with netizens expressing sympathy for the tired-looking senior citizen.

The photos were posted on Facebook on Saturday (4 March), with the original poster expressing surprise that it was an aged woman underneath the heavy mascot costume. The woman also had container hanging around her neck, which netizens assumed it to be used for collecting tips from passersby and photo-takers.

Some netizens commented that elderly folks should not have to work at such old age.

"It's sad to see people at this age still working and entertaining others. At this age they should be resting at home with their families," commented a user.

"Her face looks tired. It's a pity that auntie continues working to sustain herself. May God make things easier for her," commented another user.

The original Facebook poster wrote on the current hardships of citizens living in a city like Kuala Lumpur. This spurred genuine concern over the financial situation and mental state of the woman.

It is unclear if the elderly woman requires financial assistance.

Photos of woman resting on stool
Photos of woman resting on stool (Photos: Roslan Salleh/Facebook)