Symbolic Azovstal bracelets for sale in Ukraine

STORY: These bracelets are a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance against Russia’s invasion.

They were made by the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, which became the backdrop for some of the most intense fighting since the invasion of Russian forces.

Ukrainian fighters and civilians had used the vast complex to shelter for nearly three months, until their surrender in mid-May.

They're now widely regarded as heroes in the country.

Yurii Ryzhenkov is the director of Metinvest, which owns Azovstal.

''We are proud to be Ukrainian when we wear this bracelet. This is a very strong feeling. Actually, all my family already bought one of those bracelets, and they think it's something symbolic that unites the whole country."

The material for the bracelets were taken from a sign that was once installed in central Kyiv - that read "Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

They're decorated with a trident - a Ukrainian national symbol.

This is the last batch, on sale for about $40 dollars per bracelet.

Its proceeds will go to an organization helping to finance the procurement and maintenance of drones used by the Ukrainian military.