Sylvia Plath's love letters to be auctioned

Sylvia Plath’s love letters to Ted Hughes are going up for auction

Location: London, England

The sale comprises of 55 lots

including a trove of letters to her husband and fellow poet

along with their wedding rings, family recipes, and photo albums

(SOUNDBITE) (English) SOTHEBY'S ENGLISH LITERATURE AND HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS SPECIALIST, DR GABRIEL HEATON, SAYING: "So we're very privileged to be offering a collection of material from Sylvia Plath, coming from her daughter, Frieda Hughes, including the wonderful love letters written by her to her husband and also things like their wedding rings, beautiful very poignant personal items, as well as a photography album which records their lives together from the late 50s to the early 60s and letters to their, to her in-laws, Ted Hughes' parents as well as more unusual personal items like recipe cards and even a rolling pin."

"Obviously we have published estimates for the various items so the photograph album is estimated at between £30-50,000 for example, but these are such unique items that it is very hard to predict how the bidding will go and we think that there will be very strong interest and we'll be very interested to see what the result is."

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