Syifa Melvin doesn't want to confirm wedding date

25 Nov – Syifa Melvin is not denying nor confirming reports that she is tying the knot with footballer Safawi Rasid this December.

The 28-year-old actress recently had to say something about the wedding report, after a wedding invitation revealing that the two will tie the knot on Saturday 3 December went viral on social media.

"We worked hard to keep it a secret but failed. It's fine. We will just let it be. That is why we kept our silence," she said.

"If you want to believe that that's the date, so be it. Let's see on 3 December, will there be [a wedding] or not."

Syifa also stated that she declined to share anything about a wedding since there was nothing official about it.

"We were worried that there would be envious people who just don't like other people happy. Even married people can get divorced, let alone one that is in a relationship," she said.

Syifa keeps people guessing about her wedding date
Syifa keeps people guessing about her wedding date

(Photo Source: Syifa Melvin IG, Safawi Rasid IG)