Sydney Zoo's Oldest Koala Celebrates Her 16th Birthday

Faith the koala spent her sweet 16 birthday in a style true to the marsupial’s living habits at a zoo in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on February 25.

Footage released by WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo shows Faith munching on leaves and staring blankly as a zookeeper presents a koala-friendly eucalyptus cake.

Faith has surpassed the average lifespan of other koalas in the wild, becoming a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother in the process, the zoo said in a statement to Storyful.

Faith is the zoo’s oldest koala, leading a stress-free lifestyle that includes 18 to 20 hours of sleep every day and an entirely green diet, the zoo said.

The mature koala enjoys getting her beauty sleep on treetops and will vocalize her displeasure at koalas that attempt to approach her personal space, according to the zoo. Credit: WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo via Storyful