Sydney Father Ducks and Weaves to Avoid Tree Branch While Carrying Daughter During Bush Walk

A Sydney father showed his strength as he ducked under gum tree branches while carrying his daughter uphill during a family bush walk at Lisgar Gardens in Hornsby, New South Wales.

Stephanie Hunt filmed a video that shows her husband, Ben Hogarth, climbing up the stairs while carrying their daughter, Matilda, on his shoulders. The duo is forced to stop as dangling branches of a gum tree block the way forward.

“Back, back,” Hunt can be heard speaking in the video alerting her husband after her daughter grabs the tree branches.

Then Hogarth slowly walks backward, bending and making sure Matilda is clear from the tree branches before advancing. Hunt’s other daughter, Clementine, can be seen in the video confidently leading her daddy and sister as she holds a map that she has drawn. Credit: Stephanie Hunt via Storyful

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