Sydney Aquarium Welcomes 'Sassy' Gentoo Penguin Chick

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium has announced the arrival of an adorable gentoo penguin chick just in time for Christmas.

The new penguin chick, named Charlie, hatched on November 11. Keeper Kiera Ponting said the chick was born weighing a tiny 90 grams. Charlie now weighs 3.5 kg, she said.

“We think Charlie gets their love of food from dad, Pink Lady, who is one of the bigger penguins in the colony!” Ponting said. “Charlie is also quite sassy but still very affectionate – just like mum, Winne.” Ponting added, "We can see this as Charlie regularly bows to its parents – which is an adorable sign of affection in penguin language!” Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium via Storyful

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