Syafiq Yusof denies "Special Force: Anarchy" is Malaysia's "Money Heist"

16 Jan - Syafiq Yusof has dismissed the notion that his new Disney+ Hotstar series, "Special Forces: Anarchy" is the Malaysian version of Netflix's hit Spanish series, "Money Heist".

The director, who spoke to the media at the press conference to promote the new action series, stated that the series is inspired by his own 2018 movie, "KL Special Force" starring Rosyam Nor, Fattah Amin, and his own brother Syamsul Yusof.

"It has no similarity at all with Money Heist," he said. "Special Force: Anarchy is a police action movie that has robbery in its storyline. We tried to remake it in a new world with a female lead."

The female lead in question is Puteri Aishah, who plays a police officer in a fictional country called Tenggara caught in the middle of a bigger conspiracy as she tries to stop a robbery mission.

The film also stars M.Nasir, Hasmul Rahmat, Elizabeth Tan, Alvin Wong, Johan As'ari, Yusuf Bahrin, Fify Azmi, Chacha Maembong and many more.

Puteri Aishah plays the female lead
Puteri Aishah plays the female lead

(Photo Source: Syafiq Yusof IG, Puteri Aishah IG)