Syafiq Yusof apologises for expressing disappointment in bad review

18 Jan – Syafiq Yusof recently apologised for expressing his disappointment in a local movie vlogger for the low rating given to his new Disney+ series, "Special Force: Anarchy".

The director, whose new series had just premiered on the streaming platform, previously took to Twitter to express his frustration for vlogger Zhaf's 1/5 rating for the series, saying that he can't believe the same person who gave "Mat Kilau" full marks would rate his work so low.

"It's fine. I will accept your review with an open mind. Different people have different tastes. Thank you for attending the premiere of episode one of Special Force Anarchy," he tweeted.

He later deleted the said tweet, and posted another that read, "I should have accepted all criticisms towards my works. I will continue to improve all the mistakes in the future. I'm sorry, everybody."

The said vlogger previously gave the series a bad review, saying that it was just Skop Productions' Gerak Khas "but make it for Disney+".

The series received a low rating from movie vlogger Zhaf
The series received a low rating from movie vlogger Zhaf

(Photo Source: Syafiq Yusof IG, Zhaf IG)