'I Swished It Like Michael Jordan': Crowd Erupts as Boy With Autism Scores First 2-Pointer

Supportive crowds went wild for a Tennessee middle school student with autism when he netted his first 2-pointer in a basketball game on December 2.

This video shows Dakoda, who was wearing the number 33 jersey for Oakdale, getting the chance to make a three-point shot – but missing the target.

However the opposing team shows great sportsmanship, continuing to feed the ball back to him until he scores his first basket with nothing but net.

“I swished it like Michael Jordan, didn’t I, mom?” he later told his mother, Julia Norris, who posted the video to Facebook.

“I want to thank his coach and teammates for always trying to give him opportunities to shoot. I especially want to thank the Petros-Joyner Patriots who helped him out tonight. They didn’t have to do that,” Norris wrote.

“They have no idea how much it means to us! PJ will always hold a special place in my heart after tonight!” Credit: Julia Norris via Storyful