Swipe to re-focus: glasses go digital

Change your lens focus in a swipe with 'digital glasses'

"This is actually the first adaptive focus sunglasses. Sunglasses that can adapt to both reading and scenic modes. Basically, you can wear them like I do now and simply by swiping you can change the focus of the glasses from far distance to reading, just by swiping." - Yariv Haddad, CEO and co-founder at Deep Optics

The 32°N sunglasses are made by Israeli start-up Deep Optics

Liquid crystal lenses help users change prescription in real-time

"What we're doing is we're splitting this liquid crystal layer inside the lens into millions of tiny pixels and we're controlling the refractive index of each individual pixel so that when we apply certain profile of voltage we're basically creating a different lens."

Users can also use an app to adjust the glasses

Courtesy: Deep Optics

32°N are now on sale at $229 a pair