Swimmer breaks two world records in Chile's freezing waters

STORY: ‘The ice mermaid’ has broken two world records

after swimming between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Location: Cabo de Hornos, Chile

Barbara Hernandez broke the Guinness record

by swimming one nautical mile in 15 minutes and three seconds

The World Open Water Swimming Association also awarded her

for being the first person to swim three nautical miles between the oceans

[Barbara Hernandez, Chilean swimmer]

“It means swimming throughout the night, getting very dizzy, in big waves, and being willing to dive into waters of 44 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Our plan to get the record was swimming the longest distance ever in that place, so we did 3.4 miles, and we got this Guinness record for swimming the fastest ever per mile in Cabo de Hornos.”

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