Sweat it out this summer in Lululemon's new arrivals - here are our 7 favourites

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Sometimes, a new pair of workout tights is all the motivation you need to get moving. And unless you’ve never worn leggings, stepped foot into a gym, a suburban mall or laid eyes on Instagram, you’ve definitely heard of Luluemon.

A popular athleisure brand amongst all ages, Lulu’s yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel is not only a great choice to hit the elliptical or flow through a Vinyasa class in, but a stylish and comfortable option for casual wear as well.

This summer, getting your sweat on or simply lounging around the backyard is easier than ever in one (or more!) of Lulu’s seasonal styles. With more than 100 new arrivals ranging from classic biker shorts to work-appropriate skirts in a rainbow of colours, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

If being active, staying cool and chilling out are among your top priorities this summer, we recommend that you take a look at our favourite new items from Lululemon.

Align Super High-Rise Short 10"

Align Super High-Rise Short 10" (Photo via Lululemon)

Whether your workout for the day is a ride on your bike or a weightlifting session in the garage, the buttery fabric of these high-rise shorts guarantees no interruptions.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $58

Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support, B-D Cup

Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support, B-D Cup in porcelain pink (Photo via Lululemon)

Ever wish you had a little more material to your sports bra? Well, the long hemline on this one provides extra support during vigorous exercise and doubles as a cropped tank.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $64

Energy Bra High Neck Long Line Rib

Energy Bra High Neck Long Line Rib in carnation red (Photo via Lululemon)

If the criteria for the previous sports bra fits your search for the perfect workout companion, then the high neck line on this one is sure to suit your fancy.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $74

Esker Cropped Tank Lululemon Lab

Esker Cropped TankLululemon Lab in esker (Photo via Lululemon)

Going back to staying cool...This loose-fitting, cropped tank is a quick fix for sticky days and sunburnt shoulders. Plus, the colour packs a punch as bright as a post-sweat Gatorade.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $108

Reykur Cargo Pant 28" Lululemon Lab

Reykur Cargo Pant 28" Lululemon Lab in silver drop (Photo via Lululemon)

If you’re going short on top, then why not go long on the bottom? Although the light grey fabric of these cargo pants is a blank canvas for potential spills, their water-repellent fabric is easy to clean.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $168

Kosaten Jacket Lululemon Lab

Kosaten Jacket Lululemon Lab in peach satin (Photo via Lululemon)

Have you seen a more summery colour? Consider the Kosaten jacket the weather-appropriate, water-repellent equivalent to your favourite bomber.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $248

Vindur Onesie Lululemon Lab

Vindur Onesie Lululemon Lab in graphite gray (Photo via Lululemon)

And just when you thought you couldn’t get comfier... this onesie made its debut.

SHOP IT: Lululemon, $198

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