Swarming termites are a welcome delicacy in Kenya, Africa

The people of this village in Kenya are hardworking people who live off the land, farming and growing food to feed their families. They find food where they can, making the most of every opportunity that presents itself. Termites are a much needed source of protein and nourishment for everyone here. As this migration of termites begins, the people of the village hurry to gather as many as they can. The young boys who are picking them for their family are enjoying a snack while they work. The termites are sweet and they have a flavour similar to carrots. Kenya is a harsh world where water is scarce and crops are difficult to grow. The good people here rely on corn, carrots, greens, and other vegetables, but there isn't always enough to go around. They raise animals such as cows and goats, but meat is expensive and difficult to raise. A feast such as this is an exciting and welcome treat that doesn't come often. The villagers know it is a short-lived opportunity for them to gather as many of the insects as possible. Their enthusiasm is obvious as they work quickly. What might be considered unappetizing, or even repulsive in one part of the world is a delicious delicacy in another part.

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