Swansea pub landlady devastated after letter criticises her 'horrific' Halloween decorations

A pub landlady says she was devastated after receiving an anonymous letter criticising her "horrific" Halloween decorations.

Heather Skipper, who runs the Royal Oak pub in the village of Penclawdd, Swansea, said she "really upset" after receiving the document which said residents "do not want" the decorations outside the building.

Written in capital letters, the letter said: "With all the cruelty and attrocities (sic) going on in the world, why would you want to put such horrific things outside your pub?

"Penclawdd residents do not want that. We are better than that."

Ms Skipper told Sky News the letter "took the wind out of [her] sails".

She said: "I've never had a letter like that and I really thought 'Ooh, maybe I'm a bit over the top'. You start doubting yourself, so I was upset."

But she said she didn't want the anonymous author "feeling bad".

"If they'd have spoke to me, I still wouldn't dislike them because I'm not that kind of woman," she added.

After posting the letter on social media, the community rallied behind her - with Ms Skipper calling the support "phenomenal".

"Yes, there are things going on in the world but it is Halloween for God's sake," she added.

"I haven't done anything that I wouldn't normally do and at the time I did the decorations, I'd not even put the werewolf outside or anything.

"I haven't done half as much as normal because it's stopped me in my tracks.

"Horrified people have said, 'Shall I bring my lights down? We'll all help you'.

"Somebody offered me a blow-up cemetery to make a bigger thing of it. They think 'Put more up', but I do my own thing."

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But Ms Skipper said she would "carry on what [she's] doing" despite the letter, with the support of her community.

"I've learned so much from it and I feel a lot stronger now," she added.