Susquehanna County Residents Gather to Protest Stay-at-Home Order

Residents of Susquehanna County – in northeast Pennsylvania – gathered to protest the governor’s continued stay-at-home order, supporting local officials calling for the county to begin reopening on Monday, May 11.

Pennsylvania Gov Tom Wolf’s plan for reopening Pennsylvania in stages designated Susquehanna County as “red,” continuing the stay-at-home order.

Other counties, designated yellow, were permitted to partially reopen as of May 8.

Susquehanna officials are challenging the governor’s order by insisting that the county has had zero cases in the past 14 days.

Anti-lockdown demonstrators gathered at the county courthouse in Montrose on Monday morning. This video shows the participants undeterred by the cold rain.

Protesters were observed engaging in heated exchanges with county workers.

As of May 11, Pennsylvania had reported 57,154 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 3,731 deaths. Credit: Montrose Borough via Storyful