Suspects in Arbery’s killing are indicted on murder charges

(Cobb District Attorney, Joyette Holmes):

“Today the Glenn County Grand Jury did return an indictment against Greg McMichal, Travis McMichael and William Bryan."

The three white men arrested in the killing of Amaud Arbery a black man who was chased while running in a South Georgia neighborhood, have been indicted on murder charges by a Georgia grand jury, the prosecutor in the case announced on Wednesday.

(Cobb District Attorney, Joyette Holmes):

“The family was ecstatic to hear that it had happened this morning. Of course with everything going on around the country, with the judicial emergency that's in place they had no idea when some of the next steps would happen after the last preliminary hearing, so to get that phone call that we were able to call in a grand jury and to do it safely, and that they returned a True Bill, they were extremely happy about that.”

The men were arrested and charged last month after a graphic video of the February 23rd killing was released online, sparking nationwide protests.

The video shows Arbery running toward a pickup truck with Travis McMichael standing next to it. Arbery tries to run to the other side of the truck to avoid McMichael, who is armed with a shotgun. But the two struggle, and eventually McMichael shoots Arbery.

Gregory McMichael later told the authorities that he thought Arbery was a suspect in a series of break-ins in the neighborhood.