‘Survival kits’ left in Kyiv elevators amid power cuts

STORY: Russian strikes on Ukraine's power infrastructure have wreaked havoc on the Ukrainian capital's hundreds of high rises, prompting Kyiv residents like Logginov to leave bags of essential supplies in their lifts.

Local officials have warned locals of the danger of using lifts during air raid sirens, but taking the stairs is not a viable option for many Kyivans who need to climb fifteen or twenty floors to reach their apartment.

Logginov shared with Reuters the contents of the bag, which included drinking water, energy bars, valerian pills, a torch and bubble blower.

"We put a colouring book (into the bag), a bubble blower too, so if there are children in the lift, they can have fun," he says.

In the building next door, residents have also left a box of supplies in their lift, including water, snacks and plastic bags.