Surveillance Footage Shows Escaped Missouri Inmates in Stolen Car

Surveillance footage shows five inmates in Farmington, Missouri, after breaking out of a local county jail on Tuesday evening, January 17, local authorities said.

St. Francois County Sheriff released the footage and said the inmates stole a dark gray Toyota Scion from the parking lot of the Centene Center in the Farmington Industrial Park, less than a mile away from the jail, at about 7pm Tuesday.

In the footage, two people can be seen climbing underneath a gate. Later a vehicle stops at the gate and three more people get into the vehicle.

The sheriff’s department said the five inmates escaped from St. Francois County Jail by accessing the roof through a plumbing chase. They were discovered missing at 10pm.

The inmates, identified by the sheriff’s office as Aaron Sebastian, Dakota Pace, LuJuan Tucker, Michael Wilkins, and Kelly McSean, were still missing as of Thursday.

They were all being held on felony charges. Authorities said Tucker, Sebastian and McSean have been charged previously with sex offences. Credit: St. Francois County Sheriff via Storyful

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