'Surprise': Woman Reunites With Aunt and Grandmother for Thanksgiving After 20 Years

A Missouri woman traveled to Georgia for Thanksgiving to surprise her aunt and grandmother who she hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years.

Michael Rose filmed a video that shows his wife Merideth’s reunion with her family in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on November 20.

The video shows Merideth’s aunt jump, hug and kiss her as Merideth steps into the room. Merideth then kneels down beside her grandmother, who also offers a hug.

“Now tell me, who is this,” Merideth’s aunt asks the grandmother. “Mae Mae,” the older woman answers, followed by the aunt’s cheer.

Rose told Storyful that Merideth hadn’t seen the two Liberian women for nearly 20 years. He said her aunt and grandmother adopted Merideth and cared for her as their own. Rose said Meredith’s grandmother, now 91 years old, had been experiencing recent memory loss but had still recognized Merideth. Credit: Michael Rose via Storyful

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