To their surprise, “Loot” showrunners 'know for a fact' that billionaires have watched the show

…perhaps they can take cues from Molly’s efforts?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Loot’s season 2 finale.

There’s oil all over the Valentino by the end of Loot season 2 — apt symbolism for the mess Molly finds herself in.

In the finale, Maya Rudolph’s central character evokes the wrath of her fellow billionaires when she declares in a magazine feature that they should not exist. The proclamation leads her to a room full of her incensed peers (in silly cloaks and Crocs, hidden behind Venetian masks) as they issue a warning: Stop disrupting the “natural order of things”! We like our money!

With the foundation of the lavish world fully laid in season 1, showrunners Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard relished the opportunity to develop Molly’s character growth this season. And to their surprise, they’ve learned that an unexpected bunch have tuned into their workplace comedy alongside us civilians.

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“We know for a fact that some billionaires have watched the show,” Yang tells Entertainment Weekly. “We don't want to say [who] yet because it might be [incorporated into] the show. It was surprising and interesting to us for sure.”

<p>Apple TV +</p> Maya Rudolph in 'Loot' season 2

Apple TV +

Maya Rudolph in 'Loot' season 2

Perhaps those wealthy viewers can take cues from Molly's philanthropic efforts? As if the coup weren't distressing enough for the well-intentioned billionaire, Molly is dealt yet another blow on the Arthur (Nat Faxon) front this season. While she at last declares her true feelings for him and the two share a kiss, it’s interrupted by Arthur’s 32-year-old model girlfriend from Perth.

“The Molly/Arthur relationship is fascinating because it's like two sides of the tracks: one person who has unbelievable resources and one person who lives the most average life possible,” Yang says, offering only this morsel of the endgame he and Hubbard have planned: “We like to take big swings. We don't like to drag things out, so we have some interesting plans for them and I think people will be happy with it.”

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It’s been a big season for others at Wells Foundation, too. Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez) learns to open herself up to love with Isaac (O-T Fagbenle), flying to New Orleans as a big romantic gesture. And then there’s Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster), whose complicated dynamic with his adopted white parents from the midwest is explored this season. When he receives a voicemail from a mysterious Korean woman, Nicholas spirals after Howard (Ron Funches) suggests it could be his birth mother.

<p>Apple TV +</p> Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Stephanie Styles, Joel Kim Booster, Maya Rudolph, Ron Funches and Nat Faxon in 'Loot' season 2

Apple TV +

Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Stephanie Styles, Joel Kim Booster, Maya Rudolph, Ron Funches and Nat Faxon in 'Loot' season 2

The woman turns out to be a casting director from Seoul, hoping to book Nicholas in the role of a “beautiful asshole American” for an upcoming series (“like Squid Game, but more violent and sexual”) that would require him to relocate to Korea for half a year.

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“It was fun to explore his background, [which is] similar to Joel's background,” Hubbard says of Nicholas’ arc. “We talked to him early on in the season and asked, ‘Is this OK? Is this something you would want to talk about?’ and he was completely game. It just deepens the character and makes you understand why he has some of the problems he has."

Could an Asia-set season with a birth mother storyline be on the horizon? “A billionaire has the ability to really travel anywhere in the world,” Hubbard notes. “It's fun to put Molly in different circumstances. She's got her own jet, she can go anywhere. That’s something we’d love to explore.”

Both Hubbard and Yang are "hopeful and optimistic" for a season 3. “There's so much juice left in the stories for these characters,” Yang adds. “We want to take the show to places we haven't been before.”

All episodes of Loot season 2 are streaming on Apple TV+.

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