Surprise Homecoming: Soldier Arrives at Maryland Hospital Just in Time for Birth of Son

A US Army soldier was granted leave from his base in Missouri and arrived at a hospital in Towson, Maryland, on January 22, just in the nick of time for the birth of his third son.

Footage shared by the University of Maryland St Joseph Medical Center shows Pvt Tyrell Hicks being applauded and cheered on by staff, before he arrives at the bedside of his expectant wife, Alanna.

Local news reported the hospital had organized an “honor walk” for Hicks, who had taken leave from Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Hicks’s new son, Kannon, was born shortly after his arrival, and weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces, according to KCTV. Credit: UM St. Joseph Medical Center/Towson, MD via Storyful