Surprise election win for left-green coalition plunges France into uncertainty

In France's biggest political upheaval in decades, a newly formed left-wing alliance is set to take up a majority of seats in parliament, just ahead of Macron's centrist coalition, with far-right National Rally in third place. While final results are still to be announced, it is clear no one grouping has an absolute majority. So a third round – of jockeying for further alliances – now begins.

The snap election – called by President Emmanuel Macron following historic wins by the far-right National Rally in June's European polls – looks like leaving parliament divided into three big groups: the left, centrists, and the far right.

They each have radically different platforms and no tradition of working together.

France's political culture is not one of compromise either, so what happens now is far from certain.

Macron has promised to remain as president, but made no public announcement on Sunday, awaiting final results on Monday.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced he would hand in his resignation on Monday. But he also said he could remain in place temporarily, if required, while a new government was formed and to guide France through the upcoming Paris Olympics.

What is clear is that there is major uncertainty over how a government can be formed in what is the EU's second biggest economy and its leading military power.

A power vaccuum

The left, which wants to cap prices of essential goods like fuel and food, raise the minimum wage to a net 1,600 euros per month, hike wages for public sector workers and impose a wealth tax, immediately said it wanted to govern.

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