Surfboards Fly Off Vehicle, Almost Hit Car on New Zealand Highway

Two surfboards went flying off the roof of a moving car, almost hitting the vehicle traveling behind it, on a highway in Northland, New Zealand, on January 5.

Neville Lambert was driving southbound on State Highway 1 past Uretiti when his front dash camera recorded the moment two surfboards came off the vehicle in front of him and flew in his direction.

Lambert acted quickly by swerving to avoid the surfboards, which missed his car by “inches”. His rear camera recorded a video that shows the surfboards land on both lanes of the busy highway.

“The surfboard would have hit us if I hadn’t taken evasive action,” Lambert told Storyful. “Thankfully no one was hurt.”

Speaking to The New Zealand Herald, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency spokesperson Andy Knackstedt said people who don’t secure their loads could face infringement notices and fines. Credit: Neville Lambert via Storyful

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