Supply chain woes hit Spanish wines

Spain's famous wine industry could be in line for a tough Christmas.

Like many global businesses, it has been hit hard by supply chain disruption.

Francisco Ibaibarriaga is one winemaker who has seen the damage done by the crisis.

He ordered bottles from France to fill at his small winery in La Rioja - they will not arrive in time for the holiday season.

"We wanted to bring out a wine for Christmas, a very special bottle that comes from France. They have told us that it's impossible and we will have to wait until May to make it. Everything is completely sold out."

Demand for wine has soared as bars and restaurants have reopened.

Winemakers are working fast in Spanish vineyards to fill bottles in time for next month's peak holiday season.

But it does not look easy for the world's third-largest producer of wine to meet demand due to higher prices and supply shortages.

Besides bottles, prices for cardboard and wooden crates are also soaring.

Santiago Frias is president of Bodegas Riojanas wine company.

"No, no, it's an absolutely real worry today. The Christmas campaign is extremely important and concentrates a great deal of our sales. It's clear that if we don't have our materials to supply and to label our bottles, we won't be able to deliver to our customers."

Spain's Wine Producers Federation said supply chain issues should work themselves out in the coming months.

The trade group also assured Spaniards there would not be a wine shortage this Christmas.

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