Supernatural Swindle: 3 women pose as mediums, frighten Malaysian senior citizen into surrendering RM30,000

In a case that unfolded in Sarawak, an elderly woman was targeted and deceived by a trio of purported mediums, believed to be Chinese women.

Exploiting her vulnerability, they instilled fear in her by convincing her that her son was under the grip of a malevolent curse, leading her to become the victim of a cunning scam.

Sarawak police chief, Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri, disclosed that the senior citizen was defrauded RM30,000 in cash.

The incident took place on June 19 when the victim encountered the three foreign women at a bus stop in Miri.

“They struck up a conversation with her and told the victim that they knew that her son had been cursed by bad fortune and would die soon.

“They coaxed her into believing that she needed to get her son cleansed and that they are mediums who can help her get rid of the bad fortune,” Azman said in a press statement today.

Subsequently, the woman was persuaded to withdraw RM30,000 to hand it over to them. Following this, a purification ritual involving water was conducted, and the three suspects presented the woman with a newspaper-wrapped package.

“They (the three suspects) said the package contained her RM30,000 cash. They told her to go home but not to open the package for the next four days.

“On June 23, the woman and her son opened the package and found salt inside,” Azman said, adding that the police are now looking for the suspects.

Looks like the only curse was meeting the women at the bus stop.

Azman urged the public to promptly report any interactions or coercion from unfamiliar individuals offering services in exchange for payment, advising them to approach the nearest police station.


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