Supermodels prepped for London Fashion Week with a 24k pure gold facial

Rosie Fitzmaurice

Supermodels the world over will have been preparing for London Fashion Week for months in advance to ensure they look and feel their best while walking in the shows.

When it came to ensuring their skin was in top notch condition, there is one facialist who has been in particularly high demand this fashion month.

Celebrity facialist Mimi Luzon jetted into London last week to prep models from Londons's swanky Hotel Cafe Royal, where she treated the likes of Kaia Gerber and Bella and Gigi Hadid, Neta Alchimister and Esti Ginzburg Keizman berween shows.

Luzon has become renouned for her 24k pure gold facial. The treatment involves combining powdered cosmetic grade gold leaf cut to a thinness of 0.0001 mm with moisturiser and applying it as a mask to the skin to tighten, smoothe wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores and give a glowy glass-like complexion.

Bella Hadid enjoyed the blinging treatment.

Meanwhile Irinia Shayk had the treatment before walking in Jean Paul Gaultier's last haute couture show in Paris in January.

Kaia Gerber also had the golden mask applied in between shows during Paris Haute Couture Week.

...the end result is pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, model Neta Alchimister also got masqued up.

Mimi Luzon' s 24k gold mask treatment

Luzon is based in Israel, so for us mere mortals wanting to try the treatment (and get it on the 'gram, obvs) there's an at-home verison of the 24k gold mask treatment available on Net-A-Porter – if you have the spare £275 (for four treatments), that is.