Supermodel Paulina Porizkova shows off '58-year-old face' with and without makeup

The supermodel said that even the most top-shelf products have failed to prevent signs of aging.

Paulina Porizkova shares candid message about aging and self-acceptance via Instagram/ @paulinaporizkova
Paulina Porizkova shared a candid message about aging and self-acceptance. (Instagram/@paulinaporizkova)

Paulina Porizkova is embracing the realities of aging.

On Monday, the supermodel shared an Instagram Reel giving fans a close-up look of her "58-year-old face," with and without makeup.

She paired the candid video with a powerful message about her evolving perspective on aging.

"A 58-year-old face, professional makeup, nice light," the on-screen text reads as Porizkova poses in bright red lipstick and shimmery pink eyeshadow.

The clip then transitions into makeup-free footage of the anti-ageism advocate. "A 58-year-old face, zero makeup, nice light," she wrote on-screen.

"This is a 58-year-old face without fillers, Botox or surgery in good light with professional gorgeous makeup," she reiterated in the caption. "And here's the same face without makeup. I have had lasers (Ultherapy and Morpheus) and used SPF religiously since my early 20s."

Porizkova revealed her personal decision "not to put anything 'into' my face," and stick to external anti-aging methods. However, even the most top-shelf products have failed to prevent signs of aging, she admitted.

"Even with the fanciest creams and lasers that promise to restore some collagen, I am aging."

While there are "some days" she likes her face and the "character" it has gained, there are other days "I have to gulp some self acceptance."

She admitted finding love in her 50s with her boyfriend Jeff Greenstein has been a huge help in maintaining her self-esteem, but credited herself for already being on the right path "before meeting him."

"When I close my eyes, I have never felt so desirable or beautiful. When I open them, the world has never been as beautiful as it is now," she concluded. "Maybe, one day I can just look and see myself as I see others."

Maybe, one day I can just look and see myself as I see others.

Porizkova's vulnerable no-filter approach resonated with fans who applauded her in the comment section.

"Beautiful with and without the makeup," an Instagram user wrote. "Thank you for showing us the way, with such grace and kindness and love of self."

"I see love and wisdom on your face and in your eyes, and my goodness, that’s a beautiful sight to see," someone else shared.

One person added: "It’s a pleasure to see someone age naturally. We all feel so much pressure to look young."

"This is what makes you awesome. Please keep showing young girls that beauty does not need filters," commented another.

In a heartwarming Instagram post in June, the author shared a snap with Greenstein, paired with a caption about finding love and dispelling age-related stereotypes.

"This is what my life is right now," she shared alongside a photo of the pair locking lips.

"Meeting my equal. Meeting someone who loves history as much as I do. But also wants to make new discoveries," she wrote.

"Someone who is confident with who they are and where they are at — but can be as utterly goofy as me. That’s incredible."

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