Supermarket franchise Mydin keeps winning on Malaysian social media, from ‘Ourdin’ rebrand to going head on with Myvis

The competition is closing in! — Picture via Twitter/Mydin
The competition is closing in! — Picture via Twitter/Mydin

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23 — Local supermarket franchise, Mydin keeps winning on social media.

This time, its official Twitter account took the Malaysian ‘King of the Road’ in the Perodua Myvi — head on.

Sparked by a video compilation of Myvis braving floodwaters tweeted by user saranghanu3000, Myvi had begun to rise in ranks of trending topics in Malaysia to second place, with only Mydin in its way.

Mydin then tweeted a screenshot of the rankings, and an illustration of a Myvi closing in as seen from the rear-view mirror.

“It seems like Myvi is closely catching up behind,” Mydin wrote in the tweet.

Mydin’s tweet garnered over 6,000 likes and has been retweeted over 3,000 times with social media users finding it amusing.

“This admin needs a raise!” tweeted ainanotaina.

“I am entertained. Please keep it coming admin,” nxjwa tweeted.

“They don’t just have a good heart but funny as well,” tweeted johhnnwick.

Mydin rose to the top, after tweeting an image of their Sri Muda branch with the name sign edited to ‘Ourdin’.

The play on the name was a hit, as it came after Mydin head honcho, Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin said he forgave the looters who broke into their Shah Alam store, and expressed his understanding of their situation being stranded flood victims who were cut off from food supply for days.

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