'Superhero' dog helps keep park in Chile clean

STORY: This border collie helps keep

a Chilean park clean

Location: Santiago, Chile

by collecting garbage and teaching visitors to recycle

Sam and his owner Gonzalo Chiang

started picking up trash on their walks

They collected hundreds of masks,

cans and bottles in April alone

Park officials were impressed by Sam

and decided to use his image

in its park care campaign


"Visitors like Sam have inspired us to accelerate this education process and structure this garbage classification. But also, in adopting this work routine, in this way of looking at Santiago’s daily life, seeking to become more and more cautious when caring for the environment, taking care of our forests and our parks."

Sam is featured in a cartoon titled

'Sam: The Parquemet Superhero'

Where he tells park visitors to take

their waste with them

or use one of the park’s 40 recycling points

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