Supercut Shows Republicans’ Nonstop Whining Over Tonight’s Debate Format

Republicans seem to be just a tad worried about tonight’s CNNdebate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Many GOP pundits seem particularly worried about the debate’s format, which is taking place in a TV studio without an audience, allowing the candidates to speak without interruption.

In fact, Biden’s or Trump’s microphone will be automatically cut off when the time limit has elapsed, and there will be an attempt to fact-check their statements.

The Biden campaign set up those conditions to prevent the debate from turning into a train wreck like the first presidential debate in 2020.

While those rules aren’t helpful to Trump, who seemingly prefers a more bombastic, fact-free approach to debating, the so-called “master negotiator” reportedly didn’t negotiate any conditions that would be more favorable to him.

That might be bad for him, but it was great news for conservative news outlets, as it gave them yet another excuse to clutch their pearls over how unfair the world is to Trump.

Ron Filipkowski, a former Republican and prosecutor who’s now a vocal Trump critic, posted a supercut showing various conservative pundits and politicians fretting, whining, griping (and maybe pissing and moaning, too) about the debate format.

Oh, and yes, there are lots of unfounded suggestions that Biden will be hopped up on drugs. Thanks for asking.