#Supercharged: Babor launches new and improved Beauty Ampoules

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Babor Beauty Ampoules Group Shot
Babor Beauty Ampoules Group Shot

Babor has re-introduced its popular new and improved Beauty Ampoules, along with a campaign featuring 10 Malaysian personalities.

German skincare brand Babor — established in 1956 — recently launched (or rather re-launched) its signature Beauty Ampoules. Now with a fresh, colourful design and upgraded formulations, the Beauty Ampoules are popular options from the cosmetic company’s portfolio of beauty products.

Babor Beauty Ampoules Group Shot
Beauty Ampoules are packed with potent ingredients for every skin type (Photo by Babor)

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Babor’s highly-concentrated Beauty Ampoules, created to provide the skin with active and potent ingredients, come in a variety of options for every skin type. Some of the Ampoule Concentrates include the likes of Hydra Plus for instant hydration and moisture retention, Perfect Glow for lasting radiance, Algae Vitalizer for a stronger natural protection barrier, SOS Calming for stressed or reddened skin, Active Purifier to treat existing blemishes and clarify skin, and Active Night for regeneration process during sleep.

In addition, Babor’s Beauty Ampoule relaunch also comprises Multi Vitamin for a stronger and more vital skin barrier, 3D Firming for improved skin elasticity and reduced fine lines, Lift Express for a firming effect, as well as Collagen Booster for firm and plumped skin.

In conjunction with the launch of the new Beauty Ampoules, Babor Malaysia partnered with 10 Malaysian personalities. They consist of names such as Hunny Madu, Alicia Tan, KF Bong, Pauline Tan, Chuithing Lim, Christina Ling, May Ho, Karen Kho, Debbie Low, and Steven Sunny. The campaign saw each figure representing a specific Babor Beauty Ampoule. For example, Debbie Low with Hydra Plus and Alicia Tan with Multi Vitamin.

For the full Babor experience and to learn more about the brand’s Beauty Ampoules, visit this website.

(All images by Babor)

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