Super skills on show for Guinness World Records Day

STORY: [Courtesy: Guinness World Records 2022]

Super skills were on display on this

year's Guinness World Records Day

The event is about setting milestones

for what's humanly possible

Location: Dubai

This pair combined their skills, doing a wheelie

while bouncing a football on one foot 70 times

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Junji Nakasone rolled three basketballs

across his chest 56 times

[Junji Nakasone, Guinness World Records holder]

"Anyone can challenge anywhere if you are willing to, it will turn into a wonderful experience, no matter if it's successful or failed. And if you happen to achieve a Guinness World Records title, you can be really proud of yourself. I encourage you to try.”

Location: London

Student George Scholey solved hundreds of

rotating puzzle cubes while skateboarding

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Mexican Nicolas Montes de Oca scored

three titles with his handstand skills

Location: Orlando, Florida

Dinesh Sunar did 21 backward somersaults

while blindfolded in one minute

Location: Qingdao, China

Cyclist Zhang Jing Kun took the title of most

bunny hops to rear onto a bar in one minute